Saturday, June 21, 2008

Waiting Waiting

We put an offer on a house yesterday. The seller's realtor has been out of town so we probably won't get a response until this evening. So, we are waiting and praying. The house was fresh on the market and is beautiful. Hopefully they'll accept our offer soon!

The best part about Ryan's new teaching job is a position as a head cross country coach. This has been a long time dream of his. He is especially excited because he is at a great school and has a talented team. They meet to run Monday through Thursday mornings throughout the summer. Molly and I hope to join them for these runs (we'll be lagging behind quite a bit, I'm sure). It will be fun for me to get to know the kids on the teams. I'm sure they'll enjoy getting to know Molly as well.

I also got a summer job at the GAP. I worked there in Ohio, so it should be pretty easy to learn the ropes again. The manager said that the shifts are maximum 4.5 hours, and most people work 10-15 hours per week. That sounds great to me! I'm excited to meet some people in the area, let Ryan and Molly have time together, and get some new clothes!

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