Monday, February 1, 2010

No Napping

This is the third day this week that Molly hasn't taken a nap.  It's been wonderful, BECAUSE.... she goes to bed by 7!  Molly has always been a deep napper.  I almost always would have to wake her up.  At about 18 months, I would let her sleep three hours.  Since then, I have decreased the length of her naps down to an hour and a half.  I'd then wait five hours until bedtime.  She was rarely ready for bed even then.  She'd party for about an hour, running out of her room, even with me consistently carrying her back repeatedly.  I'm sure some days she'll still need to nap, but I'm keeping her up as long as she's happy. 

Right now, she's hanging out by me using a pen and pencil.  The trick will be to still accomplish as much as I did during her long naps!  I'm planning to do my ironing after she's in bed tonight.  Hmmm, the dilemmas of a housewife/mom!

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