Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Today while shopping at Target, Molly suddenly exclaimed, "That word says 'ox'!"  I looked in the direction she was pointing and saw this scene:

It took me a few seconds of scanning the shelves for a product containing the word "ox", but then I saw the Valentine decorations hanging from the ceiling.  Here's a closer view:

I found it amazing and hilarious that she spotted these from afar and recognized a familiar word.  I started teaching Molly a couple sight words a few months ago.  I decided to start with really useful and common words, for example, ox and vacuum.  She learned the word ox when I showed her one of her Sesame Street flashcards alongside two of her storybooks that just happen to contain ox.  (You can see these titles at the bottom of this post.)  She started pointing out the ox whenever we'd read one of these books or use her flashcards.  When we practiced words, I'd help her spell "ox". 

A couple weeks ago at storytime at Borders, Elaine, the leader, asked another little girl what her favorite animal is.  Sweetly, she replied, "A dog."  Next, she asked Molly, who answered, "Um... ox!"  Elaine very politely commented that Molly would fit right in in the 19th century.  I was somewhat shocked by Molly's answer because she absolutely loves her stuffed bear, bunnies and kitties (turkey, too), and is really interested in dogs and cats when we encounter them.  Having heard me recount this story, Molly loves to answer, "Ox!" whenever she's asked about her favorite animal because she knows it will get a laugh. 

I will never look at the sweet OXOXOXs written by Ryan's mom on card she sends the same way again! 

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LRmom said...

Love it! I just get such a kick out our your daughter's growth...we should trade stories, since I have 2 girls that are characters as well!!