Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Change of plans

Thank you all so much for praying! I've gotten several e-mails from friends today. I decided yesterday to cancel my induction. I was dreading it and had no peace about it. I was praying for God's wisdom yesterday and felt like I should cancel it. I believe that inductions are very important if something is wrong, but there is nothing wrong with my baby or my body. She's just slow in coming!

Generations of women in my family have given birth to babies of all sizes (my dad was 10lb 2 oz, I was 9 lb, and my great grandmother gave birth to 18 lb of triplets!). They all survived without medical interventions! I am trusting God to bring the baby at the right time. He brought about the pregnancy in His time. He also provided a job for Ryan and a buyer for our house this summer. Who I am to second guess His timing for the baby's birth?

Thanks for the prayers! It is really difficult to make a decision like this, and I hope that she comes soon so that I don't have to consider being induced because she's REALLY late!

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