Friday, September 21, 2007

New Life

Ryan's cousin Julie passed away this morning. She had battled Ewing's sarcoma cancer for three years. I know that many of you have prayed for her. Please pray for strength and peace for her family. She was 22 years old. She shared with us some time ago that she had placed her faith in Jesus and knew that she'd be in heaven. Ryan's grandma was with her when she passed away and told her to go to God.

Mark Schultz has a great song called I Am. It tells of God's attributes. Two lines are especially meaningful to me in reminding me that God gives new life. One says, "I am the breath of all creation," and the other, "I am... the healer of the broken." It was God that gave Julie initial breath, and it is He that gives her breath in heaven. He's also the one who has healed her striken body and made it whole and more perfect than can be imagined.

It is sad to think about how fallen is this world into which our little Molly was born. There is so much potential for evil and pain. I pray quite often that God would protect her from these things. The greatest comfort is that no matter what this life holds, Molly has been born into eternity. We pray that she would choose to follow the Lord. We know that if she does, this life is just temporary, but she is guaranteed a wonderful inheritance forever. That is the hope we have in the midst of this world of suffering.

We also have great news of new life! My friend Julie had her baby Georgia just after noon today. We plan to go visit her tomorrow, so that Molly can meet her new little playmate!

I was reading John 1 today. At the end of the chapter, Jesus is calling the disciples to follow Him. He tells Simon that his name will now be Peter. I was struck by how the disciples immediately gained a new identity. Simon went from being known as a fisherman to having a new name given by Jesus and being known as a follower of Jesus. He gave up his livelihood and former life to take on a life of moment by moment obedience. Our lives should be the same!

Molly is still doing super! She is a delight to us. She is a very efficient eater! She doesn't nurse for very long each time (usually less than 10 minutes), but she has lots and lots of wet and messy diapers (this is the indication that she is getting enough to eat). She also seems to be getting bigger. She is a very good sleeper. I am praying that she continues to be this way!
Mom and I were posing Molly in her pretty white dress. This is her at 12 days old!

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