Saturday, September 8, 2007

Precious Pics


Susan said...

So cute!!! What an adorable baby, Ryan and Emily! Molly is absolutely perfect and beautiful. She looks so calm and loved very much. Megan said that "Ryan and Emily look very tired" and she's right! That's OK - you'll be getting enough sleep in about 18 years....ha ha!

Congratulations to the world's newest Spartan baby, Molly Kelly! I can't wait to meet you in person.

Love, "Aunt" Susan

Rachel said...

Look at all that hair! What a sweet baby Molly is. I'm so happy for you, Ryan and Emily. Congratulations!
Love, Rachel W.

Brigid said...

The greatest gift that God could send
He sends with love to you.
A sweet and helpless baby girl
an obligation too.

Each baby girl God gives to us
is merely lent awhile
to cherish, love, protect and guard
from every snare and wile.

To form within his childish heart
His image good and true.
God bless this newborn baby girl
and may He bless you too!

Welcome to our world

Great Aunt Brigid &
Great Uncle Allen